Ravi Pillai:

One of the most prominent names in the Middle Eastern business world, Mr. Ravi Pillai’s success story is worth all the awe. While he was a student at the Cochin University, he started his own chit fund company. The strategist that he always was, Mr. Pillai never ceased to grab an opportunity to build up his empire as he established the Naseer S Al Hajri Company in Saudi Arabia. Apart fron bagging major business ventures, in 2010 Ravi Pillai was awarded the nation’s most prestigious Padmashri award and holds the 998th position in Forbe’s ‘The world’s billionaires” list. He has also received the Pravasi Bharathiya Samman and an honorary doctorate from the Excelsior College, New York.


Azad Moopen

The chairman and managing director of the Aster DM healthcare, Azad Moopen’s fame transcends beyond. Born in Kalapakancheri, the Indian physician and philanthropist has established top notch healthcare services and facilities in Asia Pacific. Apart from this, Dr. Moopen is also actively involved in social welfare causes with setting up Dr. Moopen’s foundation and Corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes across the Gulf countries, India, Africa and Philippines. He is also actively involved in establishing educational institutes in Saudi Arabia, UAE and India with an aim of moulding the future generation. He has been awarded the prestigious Padma shri award as well as the Pravasi Bharatiya samman. Also ranked 6th in the Forbes “Top 100 Indian Leaders in the UAE” list, Dr. Moopen’s journey is a true inspiration for all of us.

PNC Menon

Founder and Chairman of Sobha Ltd, Puthan Neduvakkat Chenthamaraksha Menon or popularly known as PNC Menon has been ranked number 4 in Forbes “Top 100 Indians in UAE” list. A Pravasi Bharathiya samman laureate, PNC Menon is one to never forget his humble beginnings. At the age of 26, he left for Oman, where over the years he developed his interior decoration business into a profitable business venture. Naming his company after his wife, he set up the Sobha ventures in 1995, which later became the pivotal force of his business ventures. He is also actively involved in social welfare activities, setting up initiatives such as the Sri Kurumba and Charitable trust. PNC Menon and his wife have also joined the “The Giving Pilege” list, a philanthropic initiative set up by Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and his wife Melinda.


M G George Muthoot

The chairman of the renowned Muthoot Group, M G George Muthoot is an example of what entrepreneurship combined with a strong vision would be like. After graduating from the Manipal Institute of Technology with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Muthoot landed at his first job as an office assistant at the family’s bank. At the time he was appointed as the managing director of the bank, the Group had 31 branches in four states. As of 2009, there are 443 branches which have a prominent presence in India and overseas. Muthoot Finance Limited, the group’s flagship company has become the largest gold financing company in India and has joined the “Rs 100 crore net profit club”. M George Muthoot has been awarded the Mahatma Gandhi National Award for his tremendous contributions to the Indian Industry and the AIMA Emerging Business leader of the year award just to mention a few.

S D Shibulal

S. D Shibulal is one of the seven founding members of the Infosys and the President of the Infosys Science foundation for the year of 2015. Back in 1979 when India was still new to the IT sector, Shibulal began his journey as a software engineer and in 1981 he co founded Infosys consultant Pvt. Ltd along with Narayana Murthy and five others. Infosys soon lay foundation to the model for outsourcing IT services. He held the post of Chief and Managing director of Infosys from 2011 to 2014. Shibulal is also the member of the world Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Emerging Multinationals and co chairman of the confederation of Indian Industries (CII) National Committee on IT, ITES and e-Commerce to name a few.


Joy Alukkas

With entrepreneurship skills and constant hardwork comes the fruit of success and Joy Alukkas remains an exemplum of this. He set up the family’s first overseas store in Abu Dhabhi in 1987, from which he later on broke off to launch his own Joy Alukkas franchise with over 130 outlets in 13 countries. He has been listed in the Forbes Magazine’s annual list of billionaires with a net worth of $1 billion as of 2013.

Dr. Roy C J

With nearly two decades of experience in the construction and real estate industry, the founder and chairman of Confident group, Dr. Roy C J’s expertise is more than worth appraisal. He has pioneered various concepts in the industry that have now become standards. His keen vision and ambitious fervor has led him to venture into the field of hospitality; setting up establishments in the UAE, India and USA. As a person who is always on the quest to expand further, Dr Roy C J has had a keen interest in establishing his business ventures in the field of education, International retail, International Operations, Health Care and Entertainment.


A.V Anoop

Dr. A V Anoop, the managing director of AVA companies is a person whose zest for life keeps him on the move. Forty-eight years down the lane, “Medimix” still remains a popular household brand and Dr. A V Anoop has made crucial contributions to its growth. Dr AV Anoop has also had a pivotal role in the development of “Sanjeevanam” Ayurveda. Apart from being an industrialist, A V Anoop also keeps his passion for acting and cinema alive. He has received the “National Film Awards 2008” for producing the Best Film on Family values in the non-feature section for the movie- “Appuvin Nayagan – Spotty (My hero). He has also received the Kerala State Film Award 2009 for producing the “Best film” Paleri Manikyam Oru Pathirakolapathakathinte Katha”. He is also an active social and cultural activist, holding the position of chairman at Confederation of All India Rail Users Associations, IWCC, Jyothirgamaya-a mega eye donation campaign etc to name a few.

Sohan Roy S K

The founder, chairman and CEO of Aries Group of companies, Sohan Roy S K started his career as a marine engineer. In 1998, he ventured into the industry with the establishment of Aries Marine and Engineering services, the flagship unit of Aries Group of Companies. The Aries Group of Companies is one of the most renowned companies, which provides technical consultancy and project management services to the maritime industry. He has also produced various award winning Hollywood movies and documentaries that have earned around 16 oscar selections and 55 international recognitions. His innovation doesn’t stop short , for he is also the founder of the world’s first and only maritime television channel, Marine BizTv. He has also conceptualized and initiated the world’s first healthcare TV channel Medi BizTv . Apart from these avhievements, he has bagged various awards, such as Global Indian of the Year, Sevachakra Puraskar, Indira Gandhi Sadhbhavana Award to name a few.