Uppum Mulakum Top 5 | No# 4

By Neenu John

November 30, 2017

Position – 4 Episode number – 237 Telecasted on Dec 12, 2016 Total Views – 3,351,078

Uppum Mulakum Top 5

Uppum Mulakum is an Indian sitcom directed by R. Unnikrishnan, written by Suresh Babu, Afsal Karunagapally and Sreerag R. Nambiar. The show premiered on 14 December 2015 and is aired from evenings at 8:00 pm and 11:30pm from monday to saturday on Flowers TV

The series depicts events in the life of Balachandran, his wife Neelima, and their four kids.

The series features Biju Sopanam, Nisha Sarangh,Rishi S Kumar, Juhi Rustagi, Al Sabith and Shivani in the lead roles.