Comedy Utsavam|Flowers|Episode # 68

By Neenu John

November 01, 2017

The program showcases skits and stand-up comedy acts by veteran and aspiring artists. Actor-turned-anchor Mithun Ramesh hosts the show in which comedian-turned-actor Tiny Tom is also featured as another anchor. The episode is aired on the channel at 8.30 pm.

The program starts with a session where two mimicry artists will be allowed to choose three numbers from the list provided. And they want to imitate the artists hidden  in the chosen number.The best part of this episode was the performance of a ten year old kid Hari who is best in mimicry.

It is followed by a special performance session in which artists with different talents perform on stage. This episode features yoga performance of a nine year old kid Varsha.

The next session is spot dubbing session. In this, a clip from a movie will be played and the artists want to perform dubbing on the spot. The highlight of this episode was a lively duet performance by Vaishnav and Shehna.

This program also includes a viral video session in which viewers get an opportunity to watch the viral performances on stage.Watch this rib-tickling episode of comedy utsavam.